Stop escalating violence of government of Ukraine against peaceful demonstrators.

Dear politicians of the European Union and the United States of America.

Today the situation in Ukraine is heating up. Supporters of Ukraine's development towards democratization of society and the country's integration into the European community met with great resistance from the authorities , whose actions
to a large extent depends on the instructions manual of Russian Federation , in particular President Vladimir Putin.

Authorities of the Russia violated of international norms and the rights of citizens of Ukraine, openly supporting and directing the actions of the Ukrainian authorities.

Yesterday, December 9, 2013. Putin openly suggested powerful support of the Russia police and financial support of Russia to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in the violent crackdown on demonstrators. Today the Ukrainian authorities are preparing to use force against the demonstrators in order to maintain their positions and pro-Kremlin course development.

Given the alarming developments in Kiev, I ask you take contact with the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych , Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and ask they to immediately renounce the use of force against peaceful demonstrators .

Now we cannot wait and hope for a peaceful solution to the problem of confrontation between the government and the people of Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities have to meet the demands of the people, the president should resign, the Verkhovna Rada should be dissolved, after which should be announced new elections for president and parliament. It demands of the people of Ukraine and of the time.

Nobody can stop the development of society, nobody can try to force its citizens to live by the older way and the old order.

The authorities, which cannot meet the requirements of their people, of their constituents , loses its legitimacy and must leave the scene, leaving it to other whom could be elect of the citizen, and who best meets the requirements of the people and time.

Hazratqul Khudojberdi

The International Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan