UN Today

Everyone know that the UN means The United Nations. Is it true? Really? I don´t think so. I think that really it is The International organisation of United Governments! Nobody can denied this true. But everyone of 7 billions people forced to accept this false name of UN.   Why?


I found this blunder 16 years ago and since this I think about this dilemma: How we should reform this international organisation, existence and work of which are very important for everyone of us?


It is time for true.

We have to correct one big mistake what did our predecessors.

It is necessary for justice, for us, for our children, grandchildren and all generations who coming after us.

Without correction of this mistake and without reform of U.N. we can not have success of our national and international actions what we need and expect all the times.


Society is best developed and could develop any more there, where the border or the line between citizens, public organizations and the government is visible and felt in the smallest degree.



Today Head Office of  U.N., General assembly, Security council and more than 100 commissions, committee, programs of UN are placed in USA.

High Commissioner for human rights, High Commissioner for refugee, The International Court and many commissions, committee, programs of UN are placed in Europa (http://www.un.org/en/aboutun/structure/index.shtml ).

Only some organisations of UN (for exe UNHCR) are placed in other continents.



       Head office of UN                                  Majority of Offices and committe of UN                        Some local offices of UN in the world

               USA                                                                   Europa                                                                         Other continents



RESULTS: Ineffective work of UN, impossible to quickly stop of the local and global conflict, war, local and global catastrophe before it flaming up and spread to bigger area; impossible to have local monitoring and knowledge about thousands local problems for very quickly reaction and action.




I think that reform of The U.N. should start with creating and building of two chambers system:

- 1st Chamber - This is the House of Representatives of Governments (UN member states);

- 2nd Chamber - This House of People's Representatives (of UN member states).


I think that without the real participation of the most active citizens of each member state impossible to be efficient operation of this most important and prestigious international organization. We have long ignored this obvious fact. Now it's time to change this historic mistake. This is required by new generation of citizens around the world who want to living in the peace, want to be engaged in the development of society,not in the destruction of our common home - the Earth and life in it people, animals and nature. It's not a rant, it's the bitter truth and the requirement of time.


Head office, General Assembly, Security council and some commissions, committee, programms of UN, which work is related to North and South America could be placed in USA.

High Commissioner for human rights, High Commissioner for refugee, The International Court and many commissions, committee, programs etc. of UN should be placed in Europa, Asia, Africa and Australia.


Head office of UN       Local office of UN       Local office of UN     Local office of UN      Local office of UN

      USA                           Europa                           Africa                      Asia                    Australia




Expecting RESULTS: Better and effective work of UN, thanks by follow:

- building of organisation by more right way with engaging of two part of society - citizens and authorities to social issues, to local conflicts, political, to daily judicial, social and economical problem, to catastrophes, quickly contact with local office of UN;

- possibilities to have local monitoring and knowledge about thousands local problems by social network;

- possibilities for very quickly reaction and action by representants of local and head offices of UN and authorities


What You think about all this?

I very much doubt that anyone thinks anything at all and is worried about his personal fate, the fate of their relatives, neighbors and other people in close relationship of this issue with activity of the United Nations. My doubts are based on the fact that most people on the planet not only lost confidence in the effectiveness of this organization but even its necessity at all (except maybe some who are directly involved in the activities of the United Nations).

Maybe I'm wrong. Timing is everything and this neutral judge it very soon will show how I was right or wrong in their predictions regarding indifference of people to the issues raised.

Hazratqul Khudojberdi